Some Interesting Links...

    •     Larry Warren's indispensable Slippery-Hill website, for source versions of thousands of tunes

    •     The Old-Time Herald - Articles and reviews of old-time music, both older and newer

    •     The Field Recorders' Collective - CDs and downloads of rare field- and home-recordings

   •     The Old-Time Tiki Parlour - David Bragger's website is a fabulous source of music, videos & info!!

    •     1001 Fiddle Tunes - The Roots of American Fiddle Music

    •     Juneberry 78s - The late Tom Morrison's listening and download site

    •     Jeremy's Saggy Record Cabinet - Jeremy Stephens shares 78 rpm recordings

    •     Allen's Archive of Old and Early Country Music - Country music & older, from 78s & 45s

    •     Old Time Party - The late Jon Bekoff's blog, with loads of interesting articles archived

    •     The Old-Time Music Home Page - Loads of info, compiled by David Lynch

    •     Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music - A venerable organization with a fine concert program

    •     Jardown Music - Wayne Martin's blog, with music and some fascinating writeups

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